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In case you are close to a nuclear device…

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I don’t know why most of my posts start with a reference to a film, i am definitely not that big a film buff.

The late nineties saw a spate of movies based on the theft of nuclear weapons. The Peacemaker was one of them. A riveting movie about a hunt for lost nuclear devices about to be exploded in New York (oh no! not again) the “climax” of this nuclear thriller has George Clooney who plays Lt. Col. Thomas Devoe defusing a nuclear device with with a swiss army knife.

Well, just in case you are stuck with a nuclear device to defuse (even if it is a phantom bomb, like the ones in Iraq), this instruction manual would come in handy.

Me, i would start running at the first click of the Gieger Counter.
The last line from the article reads thus;

If these tips don’t work, give us a call and let us know what we got wrong.

Reminds me of the questionnaire i tried to answer once;

Q10: Have you ever attempted suicide? (Yes / No)

Q11: If answer to Q10 was ‘Yes’ did you succeed?

<Scratching my head…>

The movie sure is a great one…but i don’t know if these tips would have helped poor George Clooney.


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October 3, 2006 at 11:07 am

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