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Got You! – An interesting take on HIV and AIDS and stigma

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Scripted by children, ‘Got You!’ or ‘Aemanthutingala!’ is a World Vision India – Nalandaway co-production of a script created by children.


One day in the life of a perky young girl who is HIV positive. The girl, though mischievous is smart and independent. In one of the normal physical education classes she has a small accident, gets hurt and starts to bleed. The physical education teacher comes to her help, but she refuses his help and tells him that she is HIV positive. The teacher though initially rubbishes it as one of her many, pranks is shattered when she shows her medical records. The film shows how the teacher’s ignorance takes him through a torturous time, till the child teaches the “teacher” a lesson for life.

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Written by jayanth

January 11, 2008 at 2:26 pm